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Friday, February 27, 2015

March Madness Packet

Well, ready or not, here comes March! I LOVE spring time. In Utah, we had a very very mild winter. Kind of worried about what will happen in the summer, but we had amazing spring weather!
I put together a "March Madness" packet. Activities are mostly "Grab and Go!" Just print them out! Perfect for morning work or homework.

Here's a little preview.....

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ten Frame Freebie!

To all 3 of my followers :) Here is a Snowman Ten Frame freebie!


Monday, January 12, 2015

Do you Wanna "Roll" a Snowman?

This center is perfect for January!
Student's roll the dice and make their snowman!
I copied mine off on VELUM and added VELCRO so the pieces wouldn't go missing....
Find it at my store HERE

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Can you believe its time to go back to school? What happened to Christmas? It seriously flew by.
Well, as teachers, our brains are a bit, well, tired. Who wants to think in January? This packet includes math and literacy skills  such as:

Rhyming, Short vowel
recognition, ending sounds,
   Build a sentence
what number comes
Before, and after,
Addition, subtraction.
Ten Frames
Just Print and Be on your way!  Click on the cover to purchase!

 Winter Work

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Picture of Popcorn Ring

Here are some pictures of the Popcorn Sight Word Ring. This is what I give to the students.

Here is the TEACHER EDITION all laminated and ready to go!
*Note- I copied the popcorn kernels on colored card stock according to the colored word list. 

Like I said before, the Teacher Edition is great for "On the Go" sight word practice.  I sit the kids at the carpet and we flip through them. Its great for Small Groups, whether its student or teacher directed. Grab the Popcorn Sight Words on a Ring BUNDLE HERE!
(Included is the class copy, and the teacher edition.)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Popcorn Sight Words....on a ring!

I created this product because I wanted a more meaningful connection between sight words and home! 

I sent home a binder ring in a ziploc to each child. I stressed the importance (to both parents and students)  of keeping this ring in a SAFE spot because we would be using it throughout the year. I added in the alphabet for letter identification and letter sounds too. 

Each week in my kindergarten class we cover 4 letters a week. I placed those 4 letters in baggies and put them in each child's homework folder. 

TIP: Instead of cutting out the letters individually, then sorting them, then stapling, stack them together,  cut them out and then staple! (a, b, c, d and then staple!) I found this out AFTER the fact! 

Each sight word belongs to a certain list. Here are the sight words included in my packet.

Red list:   I, see, a, the, like
Orange:    my, it, is, can, and
Yellow:      me, you, look, yes, no
Green:   he, she, go, play, are
Blue:    to, put, get, have,  said
Purple:  we, for, has, here, some
Pink:    in, do, had, with, come
Brown:    on, up, this, what, want

Any time they pass off that sight word, they get to color their kernel in their binder ring that color specific color.

What I love about the ring is they can practice their sight words on the go! In the car,  in the check out line, really anywhere!

I have laminated full sets of the sight word ring to use as fast finishers.

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