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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Picture of Popcorn Ring

Here are some pictures of the Popcorn Sight Word Ring. This is what I give to the students.

Here is the TEACHER EDITION all laminated and ready to go!
*Note- I copied the popcorn kernels on colored card stock according to the colored word list. 

Like I said before, the Teacher Edition is great for "On the Go" sight word practice.  I sit the kids at the carpet and we flip through them. Its great for Small Groups, whether its student or teacher directed. Grab the Popcorn Sight Words on a Ring BUNDLE HERE!
(Included is the class copy, and the teacher edition.)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Popcorn Sight Words....on a ring!

I created this product because I wanted a more meaningful connection between sight words and home! 

I sent home a binder ring in a ziploc to each child. I stressed the importance (to both parents and students)  of keeping this ring in a SAFE spot because we would be using it throughout the year. I added in the alphabet for letter identification and letter sounds too. 

Each week in my kindergarten class we cover 4 letters a week. I placed those 4 letters in baggies and put them in each child's homework folder. 

TIP: Instead of cutting out the letters individually, then sorting them, then stapling, stack them together,  cut them out and then staple! (a, b, c, d and then staple!) I found this out AFTER the fact! 

Each sight word belongs to a certain list. Here are the sight words included in my packet.

Red list:   I, see, a, the, like
Orange:    my, it, is, can, and
Yellow:      me, you, look, yes, no
Green:   he, she, go, play, are
Blue:    to, put, get, have,  said
Purple:  we, for, has, here, some
Pink:    in, do, had, with, come
Brown:    on, up, this, what, want

Any time they pass off that sight word, they get to color their kernel in their binder ring that color specific color.

What I love about the ring is they can practice their sight words on the go! In the car,  in the check out line, really anywhere!

I have laminated full sets of the sight word ring to use as fast finishers.

Click here to purchase! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back to School: Count the Room

This is a fun Back to School Center! All you need to do is Print and Laminate it!
This is like the "Write the Room" activities BUT, this one the students practice counting in various arrays. It meets the Math Domain: Counting and Cardinality. This activity also allows students to practice their numeral writing 1-10.

Grab it at my store HERE

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Books I LOVE

Ok. I couldn't just pick ONE book, to add to the Deanna Jump's Book Linky Party
SO....HERE are SOME (I limited it to SOME, of my favorites!)

I love reading this book as we talk about our names, how many letters long they are etc.
(Also, my first name is Kaija (Kya) and can TOTALLY RELATE :)

The next book I LOVE is
"Hip Hip Hooray, Im Annie McCrae" 
by Brad Wilcox- an amazing Utah author :) 

This book talks about how to "Cheer" yourself on, even when other's may not. It teaches readers that sometimes people may overlook the good things you do, but YOU can CELEBRATE YOURSELF :) 

Lastly, another favorite is "Mrs. Spitzer's Garden" 
By Edith Pattou
This is a precious book that talks about "new" seeds coming in, and Mrs. Spitzer nurtures, cares, and loves these "seeds." 

Can't wait till I link up next week...I have MORE favorites to share with you!

Click the link to see others' favorite reads!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

BACK TO SCHOOL Write the Room

This is a fun Beginning of School Activity that will help turn your new students into INDEPENDENT Center workers! This Write the Room activity can help show the students "Tools" or school words that we use at school! Place these cards around the room, OR around the certain supply, (place "Computer" card near the computer...so students get adjusted to knowing where things are at!  Cards included are: <backpack, crayon, scissors, pencil, book, computer, gluestick, bus>
Just add a clipboard and markers and you are good to go! Click HERE to find this at my TPT Store!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Popcorn Sight Word Book

In my class, we refer to our Sight words as POPCORN WORDS! They need to be able to read them as fast as Popcorn POPS!! I put together a book that includes fixing and correcting sentences with popcorn words and punctuation. I included Sight Words on Popcorn Kernels as well for each individual student. As we begin our Popcorn words, I send home the entire list in a PoPcOrN BaG for parents to keep at home.
Check it out at my TPT Store.

Popcorn Words include: I, see, a, go, play, like, to, is, on, this, you, your, my, we, me, have, want, he, she, can, get, come, with, some, here, had.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The amazing and talented Mrs. Deanna Jump is having a SuMmEr Link up Post! Summer comes and goes while teaching at a Year Around school. I get approximately 2.5 weeks of summer. Yep. So my list will be doing things while I am off track in June! and a few things I DID in December!

1. I am planning on flying to Boston and Maine!

2.  I am excited to also go to I Teach K!
 and Meet this lady right here.....

3. Reminisce about the Beaches of Maui, that I visited in December!

click on link....not sure why its not showing.....
here's another view....

4. Doing some of the projects on PINTEREST!  Desserts, dinners, DIY.....

5. Go see movies that I haven't had time to see! 

6. Continue to work out at the Bar Method-
Best toning workout EVER! Look into it!


I currently don't know what I want to read, but definitely am taking a trip here....

8. Visit with my Bestie and jump into the Aunt Kaija role

9.  Stay in comfy pants all day long!


10.  Go Shopping at my favorite stores...

What a fun Summer Post!!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Looking for St. Patrick's Day Center Activities?
Check these out!

"Feelin' Lucky"
This is a fun St. Patty's day center. Students use a "Magic Mirror" to find the hidden sight word. (Mirrors not provided!

Activity found in the "Seasons Full of Centers" Packet found here

For extra support in word families, check out my "Pot O Gold" Activity.
Students match the "piece of gold" with corresponding pot. (Use Velcro to attach to pot.)

WORD FAMILIES INCLUDE: -at, -an, -et, -en, -it, -ig, -ot, -og, -ut, -un

Here is a St. Patty's Day/Spring/Weather Write the Room Activity too!

Hope these activities can be useful to you!
Visit my TPT Store here!

Remember when Valentine's Day was about picking the perfect  Barbie or GI Joe Valentine card? Searching for the best candy, and having fun assembling it for your classmates and friends? Well, I just got approximately 40 of those sweet cards.  
Remember when you would throw away the ones that came without candy? Well l loved every single card I got, including that one without candy, because it demonstrates giving from the heart!   Kids pick out what they think is the BEST, for their friends.
It wasn't until just now that I realize. I. love. Valentine's. Day.  I used to think this holiday was just for those who were happily in love. Well guess what, as Dwight Shrute says... FALSE.
We have one day where we are reminded to do something  we should already be doing. Loving othersShowing people that you care about themTreating one another a bit more kindly. It's a day for turning your heart outward.