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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Books I LOVE

Ok. I couldn't just pick ONE book, to add to the Deanna Jump's Book Linky Party
SO....HERE are SOME (I limited it to SOME, of my favorites!)

I love reading this book as we talk about our names, how many letters long they are etc.
(Also, my first name is Kaija (Kya) and can TOTALLY RELATE :)

The next book I LOVE is
"Hip Hip Hooray, Im Annie McCrae" 
by Brad Wilcox- an amazing Utah author :) 

This book talks about how to "Cheer" yourself on, even when other's may not. It teaches readers that sometimes people may overlook the good things you do, but YOU can CELEBRATE YOURSELF :) 

Lastly, another favorite is "Mrs. Spitzer's Garden" 
By Edith Pattou
This is a precious book that talks about "new" seeds coming in, and Mrs. Spitzer nurtures, cares, and loves these "seeds." 

Can't wait till I link up next week...I have MORE favorites to share with you!

Click the link to see others' favorite reads!

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