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Sunday, May 25, 2014

The amazing and talented Mrs. Deanna Jump is having a SuMmEr Link up Post! Summer comes and goes while teaching at a Year Around school. I get approximately 2.5 weeks of summer. Yep. So my list will be doing things while I am off track in June! and a few things I DID in December!

1. I am planning on flying to Boston and Maine!

2.  I am excited to also go to I Teach K!
 and Meet this lady right here.....

3. Reminisce about the Beaches of Maui, that I visited in December!

click on link....not sure why its not showing.....
here's another view....

4. Doing some of the projects on PINTEREST!  Desserts, dinners, DIY.....

5. Go see movies that I haven't had time to see! 

6. Continue to work out at the Bar Method-
Best toning workout EVER! Look into it!


I currently don't know what I want to read, but definitely am taking a trip here....

8. Visit with my Bestie and jump into the Aunt Kaija role

9.  Stay in comfy pants all day long!


10.  Go Shopping at my favorite stores...

What a fun Summer Post!!!