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Monday, July 14, 2014

Popcorn Sight Word Book

In my class, we refer to our Sight words as POPCORN WORDS! They need to be able to read them as fast as Popcorn POPS!! I put together a book that includes fixing and correcting sentences with popcorn words and punctuation. I included Sight Words on Popcorn Kernels as well for each individual student. As we begin our Popcorn words, I send home the entire list in a PoPcOrN BaG for parents to keep at home.
Check it out at my TPT Store.

Popcorn Words include: I, see, a, go, play, like, to, is, on, this, you, your, my, we, me, have, want, he, she, can, get, come, with, some, here, had.

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