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Monday, March 10, 2014

Remember when Valentine's Day was about picking the perfect  Barbie or GI Joe Valentine card? Searching for the best candy, and having fun assembling it for your classmates and friends? Well, I just got approximately 40 of those sweet cards.  
Remember when you would throw away the ones that came without candy? Well l loved every single card I got, including that one without candy, because it demonstrates giving from the heart!   Kids pick out what they think is the BEST, for their friends.
It wasn't until just now that I realize. I. love. Valentine's. Day.  I used to think this holiday was just for those who were happily in love. Well guess what, as Dwight Shrute says... FALSE.
We have one day where we are reminded to do something  we should already be doing. Loving othersShowing people that you care about themTreating one another a bit more kindly. It's a day for turning your heart outward. 

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